DIY Christmas Angel

Are you looking for Christmas decor ideas that won't break the bank? Don't know what to do with old christmas baubles that you've accumulated over the years but can't bear to donate them to the karang guni? Recycle them by turning them into adorable little Christmas angels - here's how!

I came up with this craft project as I was brainstorming ideas for Christmas decoration ideas for church. I had a huge box of baubles to sort through - and was trying to figure out what I could do with them. This idea was eventually shelved - but since I had already made a Christmas 'angel' as part of the experimentation process I thought I might as well come up with a simple tutorial for fun.

Materials you'd need for one DIY Christmas Angel:
- One 30 x 30 cm foam protection sheet (available at DAISO)
- One gold christmas bauble (about 6 cm in diameter)
- One 40cm-long silver ribbon
- One piece of gold tinsel wire
- One black permanent marker/ gel ink pen

Step One: Fold the square piece of protection sheet into exactly in half to make a triangle. Repeat this  two more times to get a triangle you can comfortably grip in your palm. Using a pair of scissors, snip a small hole at the very top of the triangle - you want to make it just big enough for the hook-portion of the bauble to fit.


Step Two: Open up the sheet and fit the hole above the bauble such that the loop portion protrudes out - this will allow us to hang the angel up nicely later.

Step Three: Gather the rest of the sheet into a bunch below the bauble such that it resembles a white robe of sorts. Using the ribbon, tie a knot to secure the gathers in place, before tying a ribbon to finish.

(see visuals below for Steps Two & Three)

Step Four: At this stage, the angel may look too similar to a little ghostie or a Japanese weather doll, so we'd need to create a halo to make it look more angelic :) To create the halo, slot the gold tinsel wire into the loop above the bauble. Twist the wire to make a circle and then secure it nicely by twisting any way you like - the halo should not be flimsy/ flop downwards.  

Finally, draw the facial features of the Christmas angel with a black permanent marker - and congrats, you've just given your old, fading Christmas bauble a facelift! You can easily vary the size of this by using smaller or bigger baubles - and correspondingly source for appropriate sizes for the other materials.


  1. Excellent idea. I was looking for a way to use hundreds of baubles that I found in the sales. We're putting on a big community day in church (Camelot Day) and I couldn't think quite what to do with them. I really like this concept and the children can make small adjustments to their bauble people to add variety. Thank you very much!


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